5+ Best Vintage Flanger VST Plugins in 2022

Recognizable as the “jet engine taking off” sound, Flanger is one of the earliest modulation effects used in modern music. Flanger effect is used to thicken up the sound and stereo widening apart from the usual jet plane sound. We have done a rundown of the best vintage Flanger VST that will take your guitar production to the next level.

What is a Flanger effect?

The first flanger effect was created when 2 tape machines were made to play identical tracks at the same time. Combining the two signals together created a distinctive comb filtering sound that was first heard in popular psychedelic rock songs of the 1960s. 

Flangers also include a “feedback” which is mixed with some of the affected signal back again to further intensify the effect. 

Some of the finest vintage Flanger VST plugins on our list incorporate all the elements of 60s Flanger pedals. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

5+ Best Vintage Flanger VST 2022

1) Blue Cat’s Flanger (Free)

vintage flanger vst

Modelled on the vintage flanger sounds of the 1970s and 1980s, Blue Cat’s Flanger is a versatile tool that is relatively easy to use. You can dial in the perfect flanger effect on your guitar track in a jiffy. 

Did we forget to mention that it is a free flanger vst plugin? You can dial in everything ranging from smooth and soft flanging to harsh and metallic comb-filtering effects for free.

2) Softube Fix Flanger & Doubler

Softube’s Fix Flanger is a modern flanger VST that offers superior flexibility and realistic controls. Based on the DSP modelling technology, Fix Flanger can be used as a flanger VST, stereo widener and doubling tool on vocals.

You can choose any style of flanging option, from vintage guitar stompboxes to manual tape machine flanging, this plugin can do it all. 

3) Eventide Instant Flanger Mk II

If you are fond of subtle modulations, stereo sweetening, and double-tracking guitar tracks, then the Instant Flanger Mk II is one the best vintage flanger VST effect for you.

Instant Flanger MkII VST is renowned for its “pseudo-stereo” sound. It provides dual outputs that are configurable in Deep, Wide and Shallow, modes for more customization and an impressive array of stereo width expansion possibilities.

4) D16 Group Antresol

As well as regular left/right stereo processing and mid-side processing, the D16 Group Antresol flanger offers 3 unique characters for shaping your typical flanger sound. 

Mistress is an emulation of Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress pedal, whereas Linear mode is used for creating a flanger image and concave mode follows time delays.

5) MeldaProduction MFlangerMB

MeldaProduction’s famous multiband flanger rounds up this list of the best flanger plugins.

It comes with up to 6 fully customizable bands and 3  transparent crossover algorithms namely: hybrid, analog, and linear-phase.

For starters, you can simultaneously tweak several frequency bands with various styles of flanger effects. It sports 2 graphic user interfaces. 

While the basic GUI displays pre-defined modes for beginners, the advanced GUI displays many additional features that can be used to add stunning flanger effects in your mix. 

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