5+ Best Vocoder VST Plugins in 2022

Vocoders were first introduced to synthesize human voice in the 1930s and were predominantly used in radio and TV films in later years. A combination of words: VOice and enCODER, usage of vocoder software in music is still prevalent. There are many vocoder VST plugins available that are digital emulations of the original analogue devices.

A Vocoder plugin can also be used to synthesize the human voice and make it sound more robotic and staccato-esque. So are you ready to find out the best vocoder vst plugins? Without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best Vocoder VST in 2022

1) Mvocoder

Best vocoder VST

MVocoder is a nifty vocoder plugin that can help you modulate every parameter on its GUI with an in depth analysis.

It comprises 4 Modulator sections including envelopes, followers, and morphable shapes. For instance, you can dive deep into its onboard upsampling section and vet its mid/side capabilities.

The Band Matrix and Band Graph sections alone make Mvocoder a powerful VST that can augment your vocals immensely.

2) Orange Vocoder

Zynaptiq’s Orange Vocoder IV is a futuristic vocoder VST that features 2 sound sources (waveforms or samples), 2 modulators (each can be set to an LFO).

Wait, there is more in the offing. Orange Vocoder also comprises a dedicated pitch modulation, enveloper, ring modulation, reverb, graphic EQ, filter, silence detection, mixer, and a freeze button. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this comprehensive vocoder software suite.

3) Vocal Synth 2 Izotope

Symbolic of its name, Vocal synth 2 is a vocal synth vocoder vst from iZotope. It comprises 3 main modes in Vocal synth namely: Auto, MIDI, and Sidechain.

Auto mode is used to generate sound where you can simply apply it to an individual audio track and press play.

Midi Mode controls the harmonies generated by a MIDI controller. Lastly, Sidechain mode can run a synth, guitar, or other instruments via Vocal Synth modules. 

4) Vocodex

One of the best vocoder VST plugins on the market, Vocodex is used for speech enhancement contouring of noise and reducing ambient noise.

What’s more, Vocodex can also be used for voice doubling and adding a touch of nice reverb to the vocals. It comes with an inbuilt Soundgoodizer for limiting and warm output as well as Band unison for creating a fat and layered vocal sound.

5) Evoc20 PS by Apple (Free with Logic Pro X)

An amalgamation of polyphonic synth and vocal harmonizer plugins, Evoc20 PS comes free of cost. However, you need to have Logic Pro X for this free vocoder plugin to work.

It comprises 3 modes namely: Analysis, Synth, Vocoder and comes with inbuilt modulation effects, unvoiced detection, noise generation, onboard effects and a nifty Freezing function (that freezes vocoded vocals into a synth like voice).

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