5+ Best Modulation VST Plugins in 2024

Modulation is a technique in audio production to add movement and groove to sounds that need a little movement. There are mainly 5 types of modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Ring Mod, and Flanger. All these modulation effects achieve their distinct sound by modulating the signal with an LFO or low frequency oscillator. Not surprisingly, there are tons of Modulation VST plugins on the market to choose from. 

We have done the graft and listed the best modulation VST plugins that you can use in your mix and guitar tracks any time. So without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best Modulation VST Plugins 2024

1) Instant Flanger Mk II

best vintage flanger vst

Modelled after legendary flanger sounds of vintage amps of the 1970s and 1980s, Eventide’s Instant Flanger Mk II is a versatile flanger VST that was designed for sprucing up guitar tracks with ease-of-use. 

With 3 distinct flavors of flanging, namely: Shallow, Deep and Wide, Instant Flanger Mk II can instantly turn lifeless mono guitar tracks to soaring stereo anthems in no time.

You can achieve realistic flanger tones on it’s easy to dial-in graphic user interface. Instant Flanger Mk II offers metallic comb-filtering as well as soft flanging keeping in mind the demands of beginner producers.

2) MeldaProduction MTremoloMB

Touted as the most powerful tremolo VST in the world, the MTremoloMB VST by MeldaProduction features 6 frequency bands, replete with their own set of parameters. 

You can create all sorts of fancy tremolo effects from subtle twangy flutters to novel movements with the help of MTremoloMB’s novel MIDI learning mode.

For starters, MTremoloMB comes with with global preset management and preset exchange that can be accessed online from Melda Production’s vast community of users, producers and music enthusiasts worldwide.

What’s more, MTremolo is one of the best modulation VST plugins that can handle several audio formats as well as support mono and stereo spanning (left to right). 

3) eaReckon EARevolve (Chorus)

best modulation vst plugins

Looking for a sparkly bright dual chorus VST? Look no further than EARevolve that sports an intuitive graphical user interface and offers bright and jangly sounds.

Furthermore, this dual-chorus VST comes with natural filtering, doppler effect and a rotary speaker effect for extra modulation and depth which harkens us back into the legendary classic rock era. 

With a couple of tweaks you can easily transform a mono signal into a dynamic and deep stereo sound with EARevolve. It can also be used to enhance mono signal or as a stereo widener effect.

4) Soundtoys Tremolator

best modulation vst plugins

Emulating the classic tremolo effects of legendary guitar amp Fender Vibrolux and the Wurlitzer electric piano, Tremolator by Soundtoys offers dynamic control of speed and depth for full control over the tremolo effect.

Tremolator offers auto gate rhythmic control, lock to MIDI mode, as well as a programmable Rhythm Editor for crafting interesting rhythmic patterns and sequencer-like tremolo effects.

5) Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II

best phaser vst plugins

Boasting the analogue personality of its hardware namesake of 1970’s, the Instant Phaser MkII VST by Eventide provides smooth modulations and neat phaser effects. 

For starters, Instant Phaser MK II can emulate the legendary sound of hit Led Zeppelin songs such as Kashmir and Presence.

With 4 distinct modes of phasing, namely: Manual, Oscillator, Envelope and Remote, Instant Phaser MkII ensures you can add various sonic characteristics that can be used to convert flat mono guitar tracks to anthemic lead guitar stereo leads.

If you are a guitarist looking for a simple phaser effects VST, then the Phaser MkII may be a good option. Try the manual mode for precise automation of the phasing and you will not be disappointed.

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