5+ Best Tremolo VST Plugins in 2023 (Free and Paid)

An amplitude modulation effect, Tremolo can vary the volume of your signal. It is one of the easiest types of modulation effects to tweak since you can hear the effect of the LFO settings on your sound. We have listed some of the best tremolo vst plugins for guitar that will surely spice up your mixes.

After all, Tremolo is a staple effect of vintage guitar amps often associated with early guitar genres such as surf rock and country music. Most tremolo VST plugins on our list have 2 types of sounds: Bobbing tremolo and machine gun stutter.

While a steep square wave creates a machine gun stuttering tremolo sound, a bobbing tremolo sound often relies on a soft rounded sine wave shape to create a gentle bobbing sound. So, without further ado let’s get started with some incredible tremolo plugins.

5+ Best Tremolo VST Plugins 2023

1) Soundtoys Tremolator

Emulating the classic tremolo effects of legendary analog hardware such as the Wurlitzer electric piano and Fender Vibrolux guitar, Soundtoys’ Tremolator is a must have VST in any guitar music producer’s arsenal.

For starters, Tremolator offers dynamic control of depth and speed over the tremolo effect.

Tremolator also boasts a Rhythm Editor that can program a ton of rhythmic patterns to create sequencer-like tremolo effects and auto-gating.

2) MeldaProduction MTremoloMB

One of the best tremolo VST plugins that can handle various audio formats, spanning from mono and stereo (left to right panning), and ambisonic processing, MTremoloMB by MeldaProduction is a powerful VST for adding bespoke tremolo effects to your mix and individual channel tracks.

For starters, MTremoloMB offers 6 independent frequency bands with tweakable parameters where you can create subtle vibes to novel movements in a jiffy.

All together, if you are looking for a decent tremolo plugin to invest in, MtremoloMB is the one that you are looking for.

3) EFEKTOR TR3604 Tremolo

An emulation of tremolo effects on classic guitar amps such as Fender Twin Reverb or Vox AC3 classic, Efektor TR3604 is a state-of-the-art volume modulation tremolo plugin.

For starters, Efektor TR3604 offers in depth control over tremolo speed and wave forms. 

What’s more, this nifty VST comes with 3 modes of Modulation and features plenty more goodies such as BPM Sync, Mono or Stereo Mode and A/B Compare Buttons that give you greater control over your tremolo tone.

4) Pecheneg Tremolo (free)

best free vst plugins

Super lightweight and easy to use, PechenegFX’s Tremolo sports a minimalistic GUI and works as a simple plug-and-play tremolo.

It sounds great and is completely free of cost for budding producers. All in all, the Pecheneg Tremolo is one of the best free Tremolo VST plugins.

5) Adam Monroe’s Tremolo (free)

Rounding off our list is Tremolo by Adam Monroe. Another great free VST plugin, Adam Monroe’s Tremolo offers both amplitude tremolo and stereo panning

You can access and tweak several depth, speed controls of the tremolo and adjust panning effects via the virtual Mix knob for a vivid and wide tremolo sound.

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