5+ Best EQ VST Plugins for Guitar in 2022

EQ or Equalization is pertinent to achieve clean mixes and great sounding guitars that are well balanced across all frequency ranges depending upon the nature/genre of your song. There’s a barrage of EQ plugins available on the market and choosing the best EQ VST is definitely not easy.

You might argue that your DAW’s channel EQ is good enough for handling most audio tracks. However, not all EQ’s are the same and each EQ accomplishes different tasks. 

For example, a solid EQ VST can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Channel EQ of your DAW. Fret not, we have done the graft and collated a list of some of the best EQ VST plugins that you will need as an audio engineer. So without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best EQ VST for Guitar 2022

1) 6020 Ultimate EQ

A solid repository of ten pristine equalizer models, 020 Ultimate EQ is a custom-made equalizer module for scooping highs, lows and mids all you want and adjusting frequencies with reckless abandon.

While the E300 and E301 modules sport the same frequency range, the E301 is narrower in bandwidth and great for sculpting guitar track tones, snares, toms, and kick drums.

2) Entropy EQ+

Audio Post production can get time consuming especially when editing the impact noise of drums, guitar plucks and some percussion instruments. The Entropy EQ+ comes in handy in such situations. It can easily amplify or attenuate noisy harmonic sounds that are unwarranted.

Usually, string instruments rely on impact noise to craft sound character whether it’s the rhythmic plucks on an acoustic guitar string or plectrum sound of an electric guitar. However, there are times when this impact noise can ruin the harmonic sound of your record. 

The Entropy EQ+ is one of the best EQ VST plugins that is helpful in both cases whether it is boosting or silencing exactly those sounds.

3) MDynamicEq

MDynamicEQ by Melda Production is a brilliant digital equalizer VST that does a remarkable job of cleaning up your mix. 

Sporting a gorgeous UI with easy navigation controls, MDynamicEQ is a dynamic EQ that allows sidechain EQing. For instance, you can attenuate the bass guitar frequencies while kick drum is played in real time. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

4) sonible frei:raum EQ

One of the best EQ plugins that solves the problem of impact harmonics and phase cancellations is Sonible’s Frei:Raum EQ. It balances out audio spaciousness between various audio tracks and makes postproduction of music an easy affair. 

If you are stuck on cleaning up the sound of your guitars, drum overheads, or some plucked instruments, give the Frei:raum EQ VST a spin in your DAW for optimal results.

5) Crystal EQ

Rounding up our list of the best EQ VST plugins is Crystal EQ. If you are particular about bright and clean mixes & mastering EQ with no spillover of sound, then the Crystal WQ is worth its weight in gold.

It is a one-stop EQ for cleaning up guitar tracks and other instruments such as drums so that they sit perfectly in the mix.

Crystal EQ sports 4 fully customizable frequency bands, and a high-pass and low-pass filter for greater EQ control. 

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