5+ Best Limiter VST Plugins in 2024

A Limiter VST is used during the mixing and mastering stages to reduce peaks in a waveform and prevent them from bypassing a set digital ceiling. Doing so effectively reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal while increasing the perceived loudness of audio tracks to achieve competitive commercial levels.

Some of the best limiter VST plugins on our list achieve the feat of making your master sound loud and crisp without causing unwanted clipping or distortion. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best Limiter VST in 2024 for Mixing and Mastering

1) FabFilter’s Pro L2

If you want your tracks to sound at par with commercial top 40 songs in terms of loudness, look no further than the Pro L2.

It is an intricately designed true peak limiter that offers tons of options for loudness metering such as real time peak meters, output and gain reduction meters and much more.

Especially if you like your mastered tracks to sound loud with minimal artefacts and distortion. 

You can tweak the attack, and release settings and adjust the lookahead for individual signals.

The Pro L2 can also be used on both mono and stereo signals as well as on more advanced surround formats such as Dolby Atmos 7.1 Surround sound.

2) Softube Weiss MM-1

Emulating the classic Weiss DS1-MK3 hardware mastering processor, Softube’s Weiss MM-1 VST features the same digital technology that makes for some great limiting results.

The Weiss MM-1 is one of the best limiter VST plugins for mastering that come with responsive professional-grade tools such as Amount Knob that can make your mastered tracks sound professional.

Not to mention, the mix knob that offers parallel processing for all kinds of workflows inside your DAW, whether you are using the Weiss MM-1 on a channel track, mastering chain, or a mix bus.

3) Oxford Limiter V3

The Oxford Limiter V3 provides sample-value limiting and musical boost by bypassing conventional brickwall limiters.

It can easily make your tracks sound louder with decent presence and density without compensating the clarity and/or weakening the transients. 

With the Limiter V3 at the helm, you can easily avoid clipping and increase perceived loudness for all kinds of music streaming platforms as well as broadcast radio.

The limiter V3 comes with standard peak limiter controls such as soft-knee, variable attack, and release parameters making it a decent starter limiting plugin for beginners.

4) Nugen ISL 2

A transparent lookahead peak limiter, Nugen’s ISL 2 comes with no-frills attack graphic user interface and interesting sonic performance.

The ISL 2 can transparently boost the perceived loudness of an audio signal without clipping or digital overloading.

Furthermore, it can also tweak the transfer curve parameters automatically for less invasive brick-wall limiting protection.

All in all, ISL 2 is one of the best limiter VST plugins that comes in handy for all occasions, whether you want to keep broadcast levels safe or master a playlist topper on streaming services. 

5) iZotope Ozone Elements

iZotope is a leading name in the VST realm and its Ozone Elements VST does a pretty good job at enhancing perceived loudness levels of your songs/audio tracks. 

Sporting a melange of nifty features such as a transparent limiting algorithm, Intelligent Release Control, IRC Low Latency mode, and the IRC 1V, Ozone Elements makes limiting inside your DAW a professional handiwork. 

In fact, the IRC IV algorithm offers Modern and Transient modes that make your tracks sound loud and aggressive via transparent limiting.

Is a Limiter different from a Compressor?

Best Limiter VST

Yes, a limiter is different from a compressor. Think of a Limiter plugin as a tool that is used to squash unwanted clipping while still maintaining the required loudness levels of your mix, channel tracks or master track.

Please note that although a limiter is different from a compressor, the two can achieve somewhat similar results in enhancing loudness of your mastering or mixing tracks.

A decent mastering limiter plugin can effectively increase the loudness of your tracks and make them sound professional and ready for streaming services and radio play.

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