3+ Free Auto Wah VST Plugins in 2023

Since the inception of rock music, and to an extent early metal, Wah Wah pedals have played an integral role in popularizing the genres. With the advent of technology, wah wah pedals have become available online in the form of VST plugins. While there are different types of wah wah plugins available online, we have reviewed some decent free auto wah vst plugins that you can use in your audio projects. 

The auto wah was started being used predominantly in the mid-1970s. Most modern stompboxes and amp modelers such as the Boss GT-1000 and Line 6 Helix feature an auto wah effects module. 

Our list of free auto wah vst plugins can be used on real guitar tracks and easily replace an expensive analog pedal. So much so, they are perfect for home studio use. 

Whether you use Reaper, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live or any other DAW, simply throw in some of the free auto wah guitar VST plugins on a pre-recorded guitar solo and with some tweaks you can recreate legendary Grateful Dead-esque guitar sounds. So without further ado, let’s get started fellas.

3+ Free Auto Wah VST Plugins 2023

1) Automatic Wahwah

free auto wah vst

Superfly DSP’s Automatic Wahwah is modeled on the legendary 1970’s Wahwah effect with a lush, state of art analog time-varying-filter. 

If you are looking for a funky auto wah sound free of aliasing, look no further than Automatic Wahwah. What’s more, you can also do automatic envelope modulation on the side by tweaking the effect trigger level and then hit play.

What you can achieve is a clean auto wah sound with not glitches, oversampling nor downsampling.

Moreover, it also comes with Host Bpm synchronisation for the best auto wah action inside your DAW(Digital Audio Workstation).

To sum it all, Automatic WahWah is a zero latency glitch-free vst that can do wonders to your guitar channel tracks or lead guitar parts.

2) AutoTremWahLight

A snazzy tremolo wah, AutoTremWahLight performs modulation of a filter via low frequency generator taken from the legendary Pecheneg Tremolo. 

Most of the wah filter parameters found on the model were adapted to fit the vintage Vox V847 wah pedal.

There are 3 types of filters to choose from, and you can even set resonance and cutoff the filters.

For starters, you can control the dry/wet ratio via the mix knob, control lower and upper filter cutoffs, and Control filter resonance by the Res knob.

Further, you can even switch between Low Pass (LP), Band Pass (BP) and Wah filters for that slick flutter effect.

Not to mention, you can use all the features available in the Pecheneg Tremolo plugin as well as set the LFO parameters. All together, AutoTremWahLight is one of the best free auto wah vst plugins you can find on the internet.

3) Wahzi

Rounding up our list of the free auto wah vst plugins is Wahzi – a decent Stereo (2 channel) Auto Wah Effect plugin that comprises 21 Presets and 64 patches.

For starters, you can independently tweak Channel Speed Controls through a single Speed Control Button. You can also tweak the auto wah mix control in your DI guitar signal.

There is a separate knob for controlling the auto wah volume for an optimal sound designing experience.

Lastly, you can also dabble with the Host Sync Time Selector, Host Sync Selector and the Host Sync Speed Indicator to attain an all-around solid auto wah wah guitar sound.

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What songs feature the use of Auto Wah Pedal?

Some of the great bands that have used Auto wah wah pedal in their songs include the Grateful Dead who used it on their songs such as Estimated Prophet. 

English rock band, The Who, have also used Auto wah on their song, Going Mobile.

U2’s lead guitarist Bono has also used auto wah on their track, Mysterious Ways. Even Bob Marley incorporated an auto wah on his song, Jammin’. 

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