5+ Best Metal Bass VST Plugins in 2024

Want to get a great-sounding metal bass guitar tone with audio plugins? Fret not, we found some of the best metal bass VST plugins that you can use with your DI track to achieve a professional and skilful bass guitar recording. 

No matter what DAW you use, these metal bass VST plugins will help you craft a heavy bass guitar tone with deep low-end. These metal bass plugins are perfect for pairing up with down-tuned guitars in various sub-genres of metal such as Deathcore, Metalcore, Djent, Black Metal, Death Metal and more. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best Metal Bass VST Plugins 2024

1) Cerberus Bass Amplifikation

best bass guitar vst plugins

A 3-channel bass amplifier plugin, Bass Amplifikation is renowned for its booming lows that can infuse magic in your bass guitar track’s low range frequencies. 

Sporting an intuitive graphical user interface, Bass Amplifikation can be used on bass guitar recordings and playing styles of all kinds: whether you use a pick, fingerstyle, or slap bass.

Cerberus Bass Amplifikation offers a mellow and lush bass guitar tone of a tube amp. It comprises 3 matching cabinets, 6 microphones, Noise Gate and output limiter.

Cerberus Bass Amplifikation also features a compressor, and parametric and graphic EQ that offers complete tonal control so that you can turn up the dial in the Drive amp type and revel in total bass carnage.

What’s more, this metal bass plugin comes with an external IR loader, hence, you can import hundreds of bass impulse responses and tweak your bass guitar tone to no abounds.

2) Bias Amp 2

best metal guitar vst

Positive Grid Bias Amp 2 is a popular bass plugin used by metalheads for sprucing up their electric guitar tracks. Its metal bass VST iteration is equally formidable for dialing in authentic bass guitar tones. 

A simple and no-frills attached plugin, Bias Amp 2 can easily dial in the quintessential bass amp simulator sound. 

Sporting 4 Bass Amp presets, beginner bassists can easily dial in chugging bass riffs, groovy and deep basslines on the go.

Bias Amp 2’s features important bass amp design parameters such as preamp tubes, shelf frequencies, biasing, and power supply for tweaking a custom bass guitar sound.

If you ever fall short on inspiration, take cues from ToneCloud, Bias Amp 2’s online community of fellow bassists where you can get expert advice and build custom bass amps with free bass amp presets.

All in all, Bias Amp 2 is one of the best metal bass plugins for beginners, intermediate and advanced level bassists.

3) Amp Room: Bass Suite

best guitar amp vst

Softube’s Amp Room: Bass Suite is an emulation of the classic ‘Ampeg’ 8×12 bass cab, and ‘Hiwatt DR103’ bass head that guarantee heavy and crunchy bass guitar tones for metalheads.

Sporting a spic and span graphical user interface, Amp Room: Bass Suite follows a minimalistic approach wherein you can easily craft a powerful bass guitar tone for any sub-genre of metal on the go. 

With just a single bass amp and a collection of 3 massive cabinets, Amp Room bass can transform your bass guitar track to heavy bass heaven

4) GK Amplification 3 Pro

best metal guitar vst plugins

Popular for its deep, distorted, and rich bass guitar tone, GK Amplification 3 Pro is a formidable metal bass VST plugin that can lay jaw-dropping basslines across several sub-genres of metal.

GK Amplification 3 Pro is a digital replica of 3 GK bass heads namely, GK 800RB, GK MB150, and GK 2001 RB.

GK Amplification 3 Pro is one of the best metal bass VST that packs in parameters such as Bass Head EQ, Tone Boost, a metronome (click track), Microphone type selection with placement/angle change option, and track recorder.


  • Microphone placement options
  • EQ 
  • Voicing filters
  • Inbuilt Microphone type selection

5) Scoring Bass

best bass guitar vst plugins

Rounding up our list of metal Bass VST plugins is Scoring Bass by Heavyocity. 

Scoring Bass is a phenomenal bass plugin for dialing in euphoric bass guitar tones with distortion that gel well with cinematic soundscapes and cinema scores. 

Sampled by Heavyocity’s team of renowned sound designers, Scoring Bass features over 4 GB of multi-sampled playable bass instruments, bass pedals, mix-ready pads and 100 tempo-synced basslines that guarantee a tight bass guitar tone and rich low-end cinematic content. 

What’s more, Scoring Bass boasts an extensive library of mix-ready bass content with hundreds of samples of professional studio bassists.

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