200+ Free Impulse Response Marshall Cab IR 4×12 in 2024

Impulse Responses are a relatively new technology in audio production that are gaining a lot of traction among producers and guitarists lately. We found some really hard to find Impulse response Marshall Cab IR pack that will help you achieve a formidable guitar tone.

In some of our previous posts, we have already explained in detail about what impulse responses are and how to use them effectively in your DAW.

We will give a brief introduction about IR’s here as well so guitarists can use these free Marshall Cab IR’s effectively and enjoy wonderful results.

Impulse Responses can be used for recording guitar tracks as well for live playing in concerts, shows, etc. You can even change the mic directions to create subtle differences in your Marshall Cab IR’s tone.

An Impulse Response or IR file captures the audio qualities of a guitar cab, amp speaker, microphone, or a space (studio, hall, chamber, field, etc) and creates a twin copy of that set up in the form of a .WAV or .AIFF file. 

You can make impulse responses in your DAW for free as well. Further, you can use these impulse responses for studio recordings as well as for live performances.

Impulse Responses sound so accurate that even the most skilled guitarists, producers and audio engineers with decades of experience would struggle to hear the distinction between an actual recording of a tube amp and the IR capture of the same setup. 

Impulse Response Marshall Cab IR Collection: 200+ Free 4×12 1960 Guitar IR’s

1) 200+ Marshall 4×12 Cab IRs at AegeanMusic

Impulse Responses Marshall Cab IR

Yes, you heard it right. This IR pack comprises over 200 free Marshall 4X12 1960 guitar impulse responses that can be downloaded from the Aegean Music site.

Simply scroll down the page and there you will find a Marshall 4×12 Cab Sim Set. Click on that link and a download should initiate.

Remember, all of these IRs are .wav files. It means that you can load these Impulse Responses Marshall Cab IR files into any IR loader via a convolution reverb plugin or guitar amp plugin that offers third-party IR integration.

You can use these IR’s to play guitar in genres aplenty from acoustic guitar driven country music, Rock, and Metal, to Jazz and blues.

What’s more, you can also import this free Impulse response Marshall Cab IR Collection to your favorite multi-fx processor whether it is Boss GT 1000/Core, Fractal Audio Axe FX, Kemper Profiler, Quad Cortex, Line 6 Helix/HX Stomp, even Line 6 Pod Go, or Headrush Gigaboard.

2) Marshall JCM 800

Best Free Impulse Responses

The Marshall JCM 800 cab IR was recorded directly with a Rode NT1-A microphone. The Marshall JCM 800 captures the much sought after sound emanating from a Lead Series Guitar Cabinet with 4×12″ Celestion G12T-75 speakers.

Moreover, if you are looking for decent free Marshall Cab IR to play some bluesy guitar solos, bends and double stops with high gain, rich distortion, long sustain sound and zero sibilance, the Marshall JCM 800 cab IR is worth a try. 

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3) Marshall JCM 800 4×12

Another solid Marshall guitar Cab IR pack, this Marshall JCM 800 4×12 IR was recorded through a SM57 microphone.

It encapsulates the much sought-after vintage Marshall Amps sound and delivers on all sonic fronts.

Boasting the sound of Lead Series Guitar Cabinet with 4×12″ Celestion G12T-75 speakers, this free IR is quite useful for playing songs from genres such as classic rock, proto metal and punk rock, post punk, grunge and post hardcore.

What’s more, you can use all the free Marshall Cab IR collections on our list and import them into your favorite IR loader via a convolution reverb plugin.

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What is the difference between an Impulse Response and Guitar Amp Modeler plugins?

It should be noted that a guitar cabinet IR such as the Impulse response Marshall Cab IR collection captures the authentic sound and sonic characteristics of a real guitar cab. 

Impulse responses do it in a much more natural way by preserving the timbres of the guitar cab. Amp modeler plugins simply cannot do that as they are digital replicas of the analog guitar cabinet.

Because Impulse Responses do not have any sound of their own, hence you will still need your a guitar amp plugin and effects such as Reverb, delay, etc. to dial in a supermassive guitar tone whether it be for playing guitar solos, power chords, riffs, arpeggios you name it.

All together, this free Impulse Response Marshall cab IR collection sounds massive with a definitive and realistic guitar tone that you will never achieve with amp sim plugins alone.

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