10+ Best Free Reverb VST Plugins in 2024

Finding free reverb vst plugins is not easy. We did the graft and created this list of free reverb plugins that will come in handy for you to add various types of reverb effects in your mix, guitars, drums, vocals and other instrument tracks.

Our list of the best free reverb vst plugins traverses convolution reverbs, spring reverbs, and plate reverbs that are available for free online.

So are you ready to add some nice reverbs to spruce up your mixes? Without further ado, let’s get started.

10+ Best Free Reverb VST Plugins 2024

Free Convolution Reverbs

1) Convology XT

free convolution reverb vst

Convology XT is a convolution reverb that boasts a collection of 70 reverb impulse responses captured from a whole spectrum of classic analog reverb units. 

Convology XT is a zero latency reverb that offers ADSR controls such as Attack, Decay time, Sustain, Release and pre-delay to further sculpt the sound of your reverb. 

You can also use Convology XT as an IR loader and import hundreds of third-party impulse responses in WAV format. 

Further, it can be used to create a custom IR or achieve a stereo widening effect by time stretching impulse response files and adding modulation effects to them.

2) MConvolutionEZ

MConvolutionEZ is one of the best free reverb VST plugins with a nifty file browser for seamlessly importing newly downloaded impulse response files.

It is a convolution reverb plugin with an intuitive interface where you can tweak the stereo spread of your mix or a third-party impulse response via filters.

You can also import hundreds of third-party impulse responses libraries in FLAC and WAV formats and test them out instantly using MConvoltionEZ.

3) Halls of Fame 3

If you are looking for a decent convolution reverb plugin for creating interesting reverb textures for your mix or instrument tracks, Halls of Fame 3 is worth a gander. 

For starters, Halls of Fame 3 can create some nice textures with its Reverse button and boasts sampled reverbs of various hardware reverb units.

What’s more, you can also import third-party IR files by locating them in the preset window.

Halls of Fame 3 also has its own extensive collection of IR files that were captured from some of the best reverb units of the analog era such as Lexicon 300, Lexicon 480, Lexicon 224, Bric M7, Lex 96L, Lex 96 and more. 

You can use the Normalize button feature to keep the volume levels of all third-party IRs consistent with your DAW’s project.

Free Spring Reverb Plugins

4) Devil Spring Reverb

free spring reverb vst

An emulation of various vintage spring reverbs, Devil Spring Reverb features reverbs that were captured through impulse responses cleaned and processed by an advanced convolution reverb algorithm.

If you are looking for dialing in lush and bright spring reverb sounds with a free VST, look no further Devil Spring reverb.

It comes with a reverb brightness knob for tweaking highly customizable tones for your mix, and guitar channel tracks.

Features of Devil Spring Reverb

  • 38 spring reverb impulse responses 
  • 3 levels of complexity: low, mid and high. 
  • Adjust and finetune the length of impulse responses 
  • Dry/wet blend knob for tweaking extreme spring reverb settings

5) VREV-666

free spring reverb vst

VREV-666 is one of the best free reverb vst plugins for spring reverb enthusiasts. For starters, it is a digital replication of a rare 1960s spring reverb that was designed to change the acoustic properties of natural spaces.

If you are looking for a rich, natural sounding spring reverb plugin with a bright lush “boing” reverberation, VREV-666 does the job just right.

VREV-666 comes with a tone EQ for attenuating resonance and reverb tail, a short pre-delay of up to 150 milliseconds, and a mix stage parameter for blending dry/wet signal output ratio.

VREV-666 can be used on electric and bass guitar tracks to add texture to them and make them grittier.

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6) Hotto Spring Reverb

free spring reverb vst

Hotto Spring Reverb is another free spring reverb emulator plugin that comes with 3 springs that produce a rich reverberation disperse sound. It features tons of tweakable parameters that can dial in your go-to spring reverb tone in a jiffy.

You can select a single spring or use all 3 springs in conjunction with each other to create a massive wall of sound effect on your instrument channel tracks such as guitars, drums, to name a few.

Features of Hotto Spring Reverb:

  • Dry/Wet Blend Knob for mixing direct (dry) and wet reverb signals.
  • Set Reverb decay time through a percentage meter.
  • Set the right Gain level (in decibels) for the output signal.
  • Free Plate Reverbs

Free Plate Reverb Plugins

7) epicPLATE

Free Plate Reverb VST

epicPLATE is a fast reverb with consistent buildup that can dial in authentic emulation of classic plate reverberation.

epicPLATE comes with unique reverb diffusion and tons of presets that can spruce up your guitar and drum tracks with all kinds of delay effects and signature plate reverbs that sound massive in the mix.

You can create a truly custom plate reverb sound with this CPU friendly plugin. epicPLATE is also very useful for adding vibe and character to your snare drum tracks and making them sit tight in the mix.

Features of epicPLATE

  • 150 milliseconds pre-delay
  • CPU-friendly lightweight digital signal processor 
  • True stereo reverb processing.
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8) TAL Reverb 2

Free Plate Reverb VST

Tal Reverb 2 is one of the best free reverb VST plugins available online for plate reverb enthusiasts looking to dial in a natural reverb tone for their drum tracks.

It is known for its authentic colorless diffuse plate reverb sound with zero artifacts. 

Tal Reverb 2 boasts a subtractive EQ, and stereo input mode for adjusting the stereo spread or stereo width of your drum tracks. Tal Reverb 2 is especially useful for controlling the stereo width of hi-hats.

Features of Tal Reverb 2

  • 10 factory presets.
  • Room size / decay length control.
  • 1 seconds Predelay 

9) Adverb

Free Plate Reverb VST

Adverb is a plate reverb plugin that was remotely modeled on the Lexicon model 200 reverb unit.

Adverb packs in a filtering section to sculpt the sound of your reverb tails and features standard plate reverb settings such as size, time, pre-delay and more.

Adverb features an optimized reverb algorithm making it a very CPU-friendly plugin that will load up smoothly in your DAW without causing performance related issues.

Adverb is especially useful for creating short reverb tails which is a stark throwback to 80’s style vintage reverb units.

10) TAL-Reverb

Free Plate Reverb VST

Rounding up our list of free reverb vst plugins is Tal Reverb, a beginner-friendly open-source stereo plate reverb plugin that offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface with no bells and whistles. 

For starters, Tal Reverb is quite diffuse and produces a true smooth reverb  sound via delay modulation and signal routing that makes it devoid of artificial artifacts in the reverb tail.

Tal Reverb comes with 10 presets, and is quite handy for adding space in your instrument tracks whether it be drums, guitar, or vocals.

Features of Tal Reverb:

  • Open-source
  • Midi Learn Mode 
  • 1 Second Pre-delay 
  • 12 dB High and Low-Pass filter

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