5+ Best Rock Guitar VST Plugins in 2022

Finding the best rock guitar VST plugins is not easy. There is a ton of bloatware and dodgy second hand knock-offs to be sifted through. Fret not, we have done the graft and collated this list of best rock Guitar VST from the depths of the internet.

Many of these guitar plugins sound incredibly realistic and offer a wide variety of sounds straddling various subgenres of rock and metal from today’s music scene perspective. These best rock guitar VST plugins also boast a melange of heavy, crunch, and distortion amp simulations that should cover all your tastes. So, without further ado let’s get started fellas.

5+ Best Rock Guitar VST Plugins 2022

1) Electri6ity

best electric guitar vst

Electri6ity by Big Fish Audio comes with 8 different virtual guitar emulations and a ton of articulations suitable for all genres. It features Picked/strummed and Downstroke/upstroke patterns with intricately defined velocity layers for realistic emulations.

If you are a beginner learning the ropes of recording guitar or guitar production in general, Electri6ity is a plugin that will surely lend a definitive charm to your mix.

2) Sonivox- Bright Electric Guitar

best electric guitar vst

Are you a fan of bright, jangly guitar riffs and solos of the madchester and classic rock music scene? Sonivox’s Bright Electric Guitar is a nifty plugin that emulates the legendary fender stratocaster sound and features a treasure trove of eclectic chord variations and strumming patterns.

Bright Electric Guitar is one of the best rock guitar VST plugins that can emulate the realistic bright, twangy tone of Stratocasters with ease and grace. To top it all off, it comes at an affordable price point. 

3) Heavyocity Scoring Guitars 2

best electric guitar vst

Heavyocity’s Scoring Guitars 2 is a Kontakt instrument that is a behemoth by all means. For starters, it can dial in anthemic heavy guitar sounds popularized in film scores of Hanz Zimmer.

Especially if you are into cinematic music production and want to record heavy riffs with a dense tone, look no further than Scoring Guitars 2, the ultimate rock guitar VST for cinematic rock tunes.

4) Electrum

best electric guitar vst

Electrum is a nifty VST that sports 5 solid guitar amps and 300+ cabinets that will be enough to straddle across tons of rock music genres and subgenres such as Jazz rock, blues, progressive rock, classic rock, glam rock and more. What’s more, it can realistically match and dial in the tone and playing technique of any guitar track with some tweaks.

Electrum also features a plethora of pedal configurations such as delay, EQ, Reverb, and modulation effects such as Chorus, flanger, Phaser, and tremolo.

5) Shreddage 3

best electric guitar vst

Rounding off our list of the best rock guitar VST plugins is Shreddage 3. While the name alludes to a plugin that caters to heavier genres of metal, Shreddage 3 is often the choice for recording guitars for a number of rock genres such as garage rock, post punk, punk, post hardcore, alternative rock, grunge and more. 

As the name symbolises, Shreddage 3 absolutely shreds. It can emulate realistic distortion laden guitar tones of sock great hard rock bands of the 1979s, 80s and 90s with ease and grace.

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