5+ Best Vari Mu Compressor Plugins in 2023

Looking for some good Vari Mu compressor plugins? Your long wait is over because we have done a lowdown on some of the best Variable MU compressor VST plugins for you to choose from.

A Vari-Mu or variable-gain compressor is an analog compressor that is centered around a vacuum tube. 

With an increase in the input signal, the current sent to the tube’s grid decreases, which sets into motion reduction in the output level of the compressed sound.

So, are you ready to find the best variable Mu compressor VST plugins? Without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best Vari Mu Compressor Plugins 2023

1) Royal Compressor

vari mu compressor plugins

Emulating a model of the classic British Royal Compressor from the Beatles era, Royal Compressor delivers a true analog compressed sound with warm saturation and subtle compression.

You can dial lush and warm compressed sound as heard on the records from the 1960’s classic rock era.

This nifty Vari Mu compressor simulates vari-mu circuits that can come in handy for audio material that runs the gamut from drums, vocals, to bass guitar, and bus channels.

What’s more, you can customize the amount of valve saturation and output 64-bit audio at a high internal sample rate without overclocking the CPU.

2) FireChild

vari mu compressor plugins

Featuring up to 4 models of the Variable-Mu Compressor that run the gamut from transparent version to Tube Versions (A/B/C), FireChild accurately samples and emulates vintage compressor units of the 1950s.

These vintage unit emulations deploy vacuum tubes for reducing gain in the audio signal path without relying on re-routing to a compression circuit.

You can dial in the compression on the 3 Tube models A/B/C at the input stage and use Bias control to trigger Tube Saturation and add distinct coloration to your instrument tracks or mix.

FireChild offers up to 8x oversampling and over 6 Release modes, where each mode is intricately sampled from 4 different units with variable tubes at different stages of tube life. 

Further, you can make use of a Knee control parameter to shape the contours of compression.

All in all, FireChild is one of the best vari mu compressor plugins that can be used by both professional and beginner producers.

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3) SSL Native X-Comp

SSL Compressors are known for their sheer quality and this plugin doesn’t disappoint either.

SSL Native X-Comp is a full-fledged compressor plugin that can recreate the characteristics of modern and classic vintage compressors that run the gamut from FET, OPTO, to Variable Mu.

Especially, the Vari-Mu compression type is quite realistic and offers mastering grade audio fidelity. Not to mention, X-Comp features an advanced sidechain architecture that can come in handy for de-essing, pumping and ducking.

Sporting a spic and span graphical user interface with click and drag controls, X-Comp also offers MIDI compatibility for real-time parameter tweakage.

The highlight of X-Comp is its brickwall-style limiting, and tons of options for detailed shaping of compressed sound dynamics thanks to a dual symmetrical knee design.

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4) Arturia Comp Tube-STA

vari mu compressor plugins

Modeled on the original all-American Gates STA-Level Tube Compressor, Arturia’s Comp Tube-STA offers stripped down parameter controls making it a lucrative option for beginner producers.

We are talking about controls such as Mode and Recovery Time (for tweaking attack and release times), input-output link control, and Meter selection (Gain Reduction, Input, and Output levels). 

The Comp Tube-STA was designed with Arturia’s state-of-the-art TAE® modeling technology, and offers a rich harmonic sound with non-linear attack and release times. Not to mention, a Mix control for quick parallel compression.

You can use the Comp Tube-STA on electric guitar, drum and bass guitar channel tracks.

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5) Softube Summit Audio TLA-100A

vari mu compressor plugins

Rounding up our list of the best vari mu compressor plugins is Softube’s Summit Audio TLA-100A.

An emulation of the legendary hardware compressor of the same name, the TLA-100A can dial in lush variable-mu/tube compression without affecting the sonic character.

Especially if you are looking to do warm and natural sounding gain reduction, the TLA-100A keeps your audio material’s dynamics controlled without muffling the sound. 

At the same time, the resultant sound after engaging TLA-100A is massive and loud. 

Sporting an easy-to-use graphical user interface, the TLA-100A compressor offers inbuilt parallel compression and detector filtering.

Beginners will also like that the TLA-100A features a nifty Saturation knob for blending in the adequate amount of distortion to your signal.

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